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Export of Fruits and Vegetables

Tomato-AL sh.p.k is founded in 1998 as a joint cooperation of the best farmers of the area, agricultural experts and a trader, as a response to the higher demand of the market for qualitative and added value Albanian fruits and vegetables. The company is engaged in production, export and trading of fresh fruits and vegetables and import of agricultural inputs and seedlings of fruits and vegetables.

Tomato-AL nowadays has 60 employees and a wide range of products like tomato, cucumber, pepper, cabbage, cherry tomato, leek, melon, watermelon, strawberry, orange, clementine, lemon, peach, cherry, grapes, etc.


As food safety is a top priority in all European food sectors, we provide our customers with the best European certification.

Healthy Farming

We support farmers to farm with health, be viable and to grow nutrient dense mineral rich food for us all to eat


We always keep dependable, high-quality stock for our customers right on our own premises.

Export markets

Latvia, Netherlands, Germany, Serbia, Kosovo, Macedonia, Croatia, Slovenia, Austria, Lithuania,

The Best Team

The most important asset our company has is our team of professionals, all of whom share the same goals and views: for healthy organic nutrition and improving the environmental situation worldwide.

Why Choose Us

Experience the real agriculture

Tomato-Al is a reliable service provider and trading partner in the fresh fruits and vegetables, for all customers, partners and producers and acts in their interest. Tomato-Al offers professional, effective and sustainable services, always in the highest possible cost efficiency, in order to maximize the results in every respect. spezialized on customer focused programs in service provding and trade.

Our Vision

Tomato-Al aims to be a service dedicated supplier of high-quality fresh fruit and vegetables; products of an outstanding quality, with guaranteed food safety and grown under circumstances with attention to people and the environment. We achieve this by acting with discretion, passion and commitment.

Our Mission

*To exceed customer expectations in the processing, distribution and marketing of safe, tasty and high-quality fruit and vegetable products from seed to shelf
*To base our operations on values, commitment, experience and knowledge of our people, partners and investors.
*To create, control and monitor the quality and origin of the crops by constant value addition to the farmers and dealing with the challenges presented by the current market scenarios

Our Partners

Over the years, Tomato AL has developed unique partnerships worldwide. Our agents, with their vast experience in the agricultural field, work closely with our growers worldwide, providing professional guidance and technical support to achieve the optimal results.







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