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Drenovice, Berat – These impressive aerial views, which give the illusion of a carefully woven carpet, show a full 400 hectares of greenhouses, planted by local farmers, who live and earn through agriculture.

In this field where the spirit of Albanian success radiates, Fatosi started working in the ’90s on a plot without any support, becoming today, thanks to his efforts and our support, one of the largest exporters of tomatoes- cherries in Europe.
His company TOMATO-AL gathers today the products of 1500 farming families, which through joining forces and joint organization with Fatos, do not waste any sweat of their efforts
Only during this year, the facts show that despite the extraordinary situation with Covid19, the exports of this organized network of farmers have increased by 50% and today, Fatos’s ambition is to become the first major exporter of tomatoes planted in Albania. The race is getting stronger.
Fatosi is funded by AZHBR for central heating greenhouses, drip irrigation and seedling collection points, and today is building with our support thanks to the IPARD program, a new modern greenhouse for fruit and vegetable cultivation

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